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BuildDirect revenue
The original BuildDirect homepage on the left vs the winning variation on the right. The winning variation came about after a number of test rounds, exploring usability, psychological, and information architecture elements.

Whatever your industry, WiderFunnel can help you implement a customized optimization program to get you the lift you’ve been looking for.

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There are three reasons our clients say they come to WiderFunnel. Are you in one of these situations?

1) To get started

You have enough traffic to run A/B tests, you know you need conversion rate optimization, and you want to avoid the common and painful learning mistakes.

2) To get re-started

You’ve been testing for some time but have hit a plateau, have run out of new ideas, and are seeing stagnant conversion rates.

3) To get structured

You’ve got testing running and may have worked with other partners, but results are disappointing; you need to get a serious optimization program with a structured approach.

Maybe you’re new to testing, maybe you’re a seasoned pro – either way, you’re here because you’re looking for more.

We’re here to uncover the copious amounts of cash you’re missing out on.

The best optimization programs start here

According to a report released by Econsultancy, companies with a structured approach to improving their conversion rate were twice as likely to report large increases in sales from their optimization program.

We have that structured approach. In fact, the optimization programs we run for our clients generate an average return on investment of 945%. Why? We’ve been focused on testing and refining the world’s best optimization process since 2007.

You can take advantage of those years of development with the latest version of this process, which is now available to all of our clients.

The Infinity Optimization Process

Cycling between two phases, Explore and Validate, the Infinity Optimization Process™ is iterative and leads to continuous growth and insight for our clients.

The Explore phase centers around data-collection and the Validate phase proves which ideas generated in Explore work and how they work best in real life scenarios.

WiderFunnel Infinity Optimization Process

The LIFT Model

The LIFT Model® is the go-to framework worldwide for optimizing web and mobile experiences. It draws on the six conversion factors that allow you to evaluate pages from the perspective of the page visitor.

LIFT Model

We use the LIFT Model to identify issues and opportunities for testing hypotheses and design.

We’re an extension of your team

We strive for seamless integration between our team and yours. If there’s one thing that is vital to any strong partnership, it’s communication. We take steps to ensure team alignment and continuous forward motion, such as:

  1. Weekly meetings to review your testing pipeline, exchange ideas and prioritize future tests
  2. One key optimization champion on your team coordinating with a dedicated optimizer at WiderFunnel
  3. Total transparency about what’s working and new opportunities for improvement within the process
  4. A fresh flow of ideas delivered to you from our thousands of tests across industries

Our team of 25+ is comprised of the best and brightest optimization strategists, designers, developers and copywriters, led by Chris Goward, the man who pioneered conversion rate optimization as a strategy.

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We’ve developed A/B testing-driven optimization programs for hundreds of companies across all industries.

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