Prove your marketing ideas with A/B testing

Most websites are designed with only aesthetics or usability in mind, not to maximize conversions.

At WiderFunnel, we often recommend a conversion optimization strategy that begins with A/B/n Split Testing. We ensure that the web page fundamentals are optimized before progressing to multivariate testing for refinement.

What is A/B/n split testing?

A/B/n testing (or A/B or “split” testing) is a type of testing where your web traffic is split randomly and evenly between your existing web page (the baseline or “Control”) and several completely different variations of the same page.

For example: Visitor 1 sees the Control, while visitor 2 lands on web page variation A and visitor 3 on variation B.

A/B/n split testing

Depending on the elements of the page that are being tested – layout, headline and copy, offer, images or design – the end goal is to create a page that beats the conversion rate of the Control.

A minimum of two variations are usually tested against the Control, though you can test many more provided you have enough traffic to still get valid test results. The “/n” in “A/B/n” stands for the many alternative pages that can be tested at the same time.

Don’t settle for “opinions” – get proven results

Our clients work with us because they don’t want “opinions” on what may increase conversions – they want statistically proven results.

WiderFunnel’s team of conversion optimization experts creates and runs A/B/n and multivariate tests for you. We deliver website changes that are statistically proven to maximize profit – and your conversion rate lift is guaranteed.

Want a proven A/B testing strategy at your company?

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