Web Analytics Services

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Gain Insights to Optimize Your Marketing

  • Do you know which pages on your site are costing you money?
  • Are you confident that your web analytics numbers can be trusted?

We will examine your web analytics data to ensure that it’s both accurate and robust. Your optimization efforts don’t stand a chance if you can’t gain insights from your reports.

  • Web Analytics Audit – Make sure your reporting is useful for your business
  • Baseline Analysis – Business insights and areas of improvement

We Work with Google Analytics, Omniture, WebTrends and More

We don’t take money from any analytics vendors. Regardless of which web analytics tool you use, WiderFunnel will dive in and help you gain business insights that can help improve your conversion rate. Further, we focus on insights (not just numbers) that help you help your business.

WiderFunnel Web Analytics Services

Our web analytics experts have in-depth, advanced understanding of how to customize and analyze web analytics data across a wide range of tools.

  1. Web Analytics Audit
    • Identify basic problems with your installation or data collection
    • Make sure the data you are collecting is accurate and useful

    If your Analytics implementation is incomplete or inaccurate – or hasn’t been set up to report on your marketing channels – the insights you are getting are wrong and are leading you to inaccurate conclusions. The Web Analytics Audit will make sure you’re set up to receive actionable business insights from your data.

  2. Baseline Analysis of your web site metrics
    • Analyze your website data to understand visitor behaviour trends across your site and identify challenges and opportunities
    • Report visitor behaviour across your site and identify areas for improvement, focusing on:
      • Visitor Demographics
      • Finding Methods (how visitors arrived at the site)
      • Popular Content
      • Navigation through the site
      • Identify where you are losing visitors and potential conversions
      • Provide high-level strategies for improving your website’s performance
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