The truth behind the yin and yang of conversion rate optimization

4 min. read | Last updated: December 12th, 2017

I’m going to advocate for the flip side of the conversion coin today. I’m delving into the “dark side” that is rarely discussed.

At WiderFunnel, we always advocate the importance of testing and data-driven decision making. The truth is that you can’t do conversion optimization without testing and web analytics is important for identifying optimization opportunities.

But, testing and data alone don’t tell the whole the story.

The truth: testing is the easy part.


Yes. It’s the how and what that determine the results you achieve from your testing. The secret is in the test variation ideas.

The so-called “left brain” perspective full of logic and analysis only tells half the story. The right brain, creative input is just as important.

Left brain right brain

(Let’s ignore for a moment that the whole left/right brain meme isn’t supported by the latest research for this discussion.)

I believe the left brain aspect gets more attention in the CRO discussion simply because it’s been neglected by marketers for so long. That’s one reason I called my book “You Should Test That!“; to help wake up marketers relying solely on gut feeling and unproven ideas. But, the creative side of solving problems is just as critical as the testing side.

There’s a creative yin to the rigorous yang

Just as important as testing is innovative big ideas. Big results come from big ideas.

The Yin is innovative, intuitive, messy, artful marketing ideas. The Yang is the proof in the pudding, the sunshine of truth searing the reality from the fog. Yes, we test, but without the great ideas, there’s nothing to prove.

Creativity is needed because every situation is unique. Context is key.

There is no conversion optimization rule book

When we started WiderFunnel in 2007, we initially imagined we’d optimize to find the perfect landing page design that we could replicate for any situation. Well, I don’t know if we really believed that, but it was at least a hope.

Back then, we certainly thought we’d find the “best” button colour, the “best” headline approach and the “best” website layout.

In reality, what we’ve found are more universal and exciting: principles, patterns, and processes that we can confidently apply to any situation, platform, target market and media. We continue to test on websites, mobile sites, mobile apps, video game interfaces and more, all with the same system. Much like the fabled Canadian RCMP Police who “always get their man” WiderFunnel always get to a winning test result.

RCMP always get their Bieber
RCMP always get their Bieber

A right brain test example

When WiderFunnel optimized the Expensify home page, the variations clearly weren’t developed by an algorithm. The cross-functional team, led by an experienced strategist, developed new approaches that no software alone could conceive.

For context, Expensify is a fast-growth startup with a lean team facing large competitors. The home page is the company’s primary landing page for free online signups and it needed to be improved to produce more signups. The page had been developed with clean design “best practices” but the Expensify team believed it could be improved.

Here’s the original home page the company came to us with.

Expensify Control Page
Expensify Control Page

Our strategists identified 16 conversion barriers using WiderFunnel’s LIFT Analysis system and prioritized 12 primary hypotheses to test. They translated the hypotheses into four initial test variations to discover answers to the major hypotheses and isolate a few important questions. WiderFunnel’s design team brought the wireframes to life, then developed and launched the first test on the page.

Expensify winning home page
Expensify home page winning variation

When you compare the winning page we tested, you’ll see that it clearly required creativity to design. No algorithm could come up with that combination of headline, design and benefit copywriting. On the winning variation, we:

  • Added a new headline reflecting the company’s unique positioning and brand
  • Moved the form field up on the page
  • Created visual emphasis on the signup form
  • Added anxiety-reducing message on the call-to-action (CTA)
  • Added a strong CTA subhead
  • Isolated features vs. benefit copy points
  • Designed new colour and font treatment for support points

Of course, we also tested other variations that isolated questions and led to insights, or what we call “Aha!” moments, about persuasional triggers for this target audience.

And, the testing didn’t end with a single winning test because CRO is an ongoing process.

The latest winning page clearly took another dose of creativity and could only be arrived at with a combination of creativity and rigorous testing.

Expensify latest winning page variation
Expensify latest winning page variation

This winning page not only looks great, it produces a 47% higher signup conversion rate than the original control page.

For more detail, check out Expensify’s SaaS conversion optimization case study.

As an industry, I believe we’ve made good progress in convincing marketers of the need to test, use big data, and become experts in analysis. Now, let’s remember that the creative side is still needed to imagine new solutions to old challenges.


Chris Goward

Founder & CEO

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