The top 5 surprising tips from A/B tests

3 min. read | Last updated: December 12th, 2017

[WARNING: Since we’re now far past April and this post continues to be popular, I want to be clear that this is an April Fools joke. Please don’t follow the advice in this article.]

Since 2007, WiderFunnel has been testing websites for all manner of businesses. From the results of thousands of tests, we’ve discovered what really works to maximize conversion rates.

But, that doesn’t mean test results can’t surprise us. We often test innovative experiences that push the boundaries of what’s expected. Many times, we discover new tactics that work so well that we keep them locked tightly in our conversion knowledge-base.

Today, I’ve decided to share the top 5 winning A/B test tips. You should try these on your website immediately.

#5 – Yellow is the surprise magic colour

In test after test, we’ve found one colour that wins every time in every situation. For conversion optimization, yellow is gold!

We’ve tested this dozens of times. Here’s an example of a recent ecommerce test:

Blue Add To Cart Button


Green Add To Cart Button

25.4% sales lift

Red Add to Cart Button

14.8% sales decrease

Yellow Add To Cart Button

454.38% sales lift!

#4 – Offer carousels on home pages always work for ecommerce

It turns out that I was wrong when I’ve said that rotating offer carousels don’t work.

They work well, especially if you’re selling lingerie, swimsuits, workout videos or sexy Halloween costumes.

Fortunately, there are still companies to help you build these rotating offer banners, like the experts at Wakefly. They’ve found it so successful for their clients that they have one on their home page too!

Which ties in to the third most important tip…

#3 – “Hits” are the new black

The traditional web “Hits” metric has gotten a bad rap in recent years, but you should rethink that. We’ve found that Hits work better than sales conversion tracking.

The benefits of the Hits metric:

  • It’s much easier to influence Hits than sales conversions
  • Hits is a strong indicator of sales increase (like, if people are sticking around to view more content, they’re probably going to buy more too, right? Obviously.)
  • Hits are much less complicated than trying to measure average order value, revenue per visitor, multi-stream blended conversion value, etc. Remember the KISS principle!
  • Hits is more encouraging for your conversion team, and they need encouragement on a daily basis.

#2 – Morgan Freeman can sell anything

Morgan Freeman is awesome because everyone believes anything he says and you don’t need his permission to put his face in your ad! It’s true. I read it on the internet.

Morgan Freeman sells stuff
Morgan Freeman sells stuff

And the Top Tip to boost your conversion optimization results…

#1 – The Harlem Shake is hot for websites too

Not only is the Harlem Shake the hottest fad for team building, college campuses, and my daughters and friends, but it also lifts conversion rates.

Check out our latest winning home page design.

It is *guaranteed* to lift your conversion rate too.

EDIT: Please, look at the date this was posted. I know it seems legit, but it’s an April Fools joke. Gotcha!


Chris Goward

Founder & CEO

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