The Strategic Marketing Optimization Manifesto

2 min. read | Last updated: October 29th, 2015

Conversion Optimization has been under-valued.

We have the ability to use conversion optimization to gain marketing insights with scientific certainty, yet many in the industry still use landing page optimization like it is only good for eking out marginal conversion rate improvements.

This is tragic.

Those of us who test most understand the power of all the beautiful traffic you have arriving on your website daily. Not only are these prospective customers looking for an opportunity to buy from you; they’re also willing to (unknowingly) tell you which messages and experiences are most effective for them.

Think about the far-reaching effect of testing your value proposition messaging

By running an ongoing series of controlled tests of messaging approaches, you can gain statistically significant learning about what moves your customers to action.

That learning can lead to dramatic lifts in leads, sales and revenue. But, far beyond that, the insights can lead to even greater changes in the marketing and business strategy.

The Conversion Optimization industry is evolving. We are no longer just tweaking and tuning button design and headline colors.

Will you join us in our quest for continuous improvement by becoming a Strategic Marketing Optimization professional? Will you be an advocate for data-driven organizational improvement?

Here’s what we believe:

Marketing Optimization Manifesto infographic

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Here’s the text:

The Strategic Marketing Optimization Manifesto

We listen to our gut, then test what it says.
We gather marketing research, then test it.
We create best practices, then test them.
We listen to opinions, then test them.
We hear the advice of experts, then test it.

We believe in art and science.
We believe in creativity and discipline.
We believe in intuition and evidence.
We believe in continuous improvement.

We aim for marketing insights.
We aim to improve business results.
We test because it works.

Scientific testing is our crucible for decision-making.

Come with me as we push the boundaries of conversion optimization toward strategic marketing optimization.

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Chris Goward

Founder & CEO

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