Startup Finds Success with Conversion Optimization: Tripled Revenues, 91%+ Leads, Lead Acquisition Costs slashed by 30%

2 min. read | Last updated: May 29th, 2015

More revenues… More leads… Lower acquisition costs… Yes, we are *particularly* proud of the work we have been doing for Trafford Consulting where the winners are both our client, Trafford, *and* its client – a carbon-funded reforestation eco-business start-up. We will be sharing the results during our upcoming webinar on Tuesday, Nov 30, 2010

(Read the case study here)

The WiderFunnel client:

Trafford Consulting is a niche marketing agency specializing in promoting emerging and new technology start-ups on behalf of venture capital firms.

The end-client:

A carbon-funded reforestation eco-business start-up.

The context for conversion optimization tests:

• Trafford Consulting is a niche marketing agency specializing in promoting emerging and new technology start-ups on behalf of venture capital firms.

• While Trafford’s competitors still emphasize the use of traditional media, Trafford migrated to online marketing in order to deliver better ROI for its clients.

• Trafford Consulting has recently taken a majority interest in a Hong Kong-based ad network, further demonstrating a commitment to online marketing and firmly positioning itself to become a leading niche marketing firm.

• One of Trafford’s start-up clients is a carbon-funded reforestation eco-business and Trafford partnered with us to plan and execute a conversion optimization strategy promoting “The Green Guide”, a free investment report, in paid search landing pages.

The Conversion Optimization Test Results: 91.4% conversion rate lift

• A/B testing copy and form placement on paid Search Landing Pages for ‘The Green Guide’, a publication offering expert advice on Green Tech investments, generated 91.4% more leads.

The Business Impact on Trafford Consulting: Conversion Optimization as a Game Changer!

• Trafford has tripled in size since testing just a few months ago
• Client now get thousands of leads within weeks
• Lead acquisition costs slashed by 30%

The webinar:

I am delighted that Mushitak Dost, Trafford Consulting Director, will co-present with me at the webinar on Tuesday, Nov 30

We will take an in-depth look not only at the intricacies of developing a lead generation test but also will discuss the far-reaching business impact this strategy has had on both the carbon-funded reforestation eco-business start-up and Trafford itself .

Read the full case study here

As Mushitak Dost, Trafford’s Director said, “Our client [the he carbon-funded reforestation eco-business start-up] was blown away by the outstanding landing page test results. They’ve attracted more investors, have signed up important contracts and partnerships, and have tripled in size since we identified winning test pages eight months ago. This experience with WiderFunnel is changing the way we do business. With an optimized landing page, we’re able get our clients thousands of leads within weeks and we’ve significantly cut lead acquisition costs. Word of mouth is very powerful in venture capital circles and we’ve received a lot of attention as a result of the successful Green Guide tests.”


Chris Goward

Founder & CEO

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