It takes more than technology to create personalized customer experiences

Most companies fail to create the personalization programs they hope for.  Too many fall into the tools-first trap: buying expensive personalization technology without planning their program and resources. 

Successful personalization programs are done differently. They are based on clear goal-definition, deep customer insights, a methodical process, and a well-trained team.


Build an insight-driven personalization program for your unique customers

Widerfunnel’s Personalization service helps you serve the right experience to the right person at the right time, based on rich customer insights unique to your business. The first step is understanding your goals and your customers’ needs.

Our experts will partner with you to identify and validate your highest-value segments, research their emotional needs, prioritize personalization opportunities, and design and launch personalized experiences that convert. With Widerfunnel, your personalization program will be insight-driven, not just technology-driven.

Your team of experts

team member image STRATEGIST

An experimentation expert leads your account; creating custom strategies unique to your business needs.

team member image DESIGNER

Our UX/UI designers are trained in conversion and work within your brand guidelines to design the user experiences.

team member image ANALYST

Using both quantitative and qualitative data, our analysts uncover a never-ending stream of insights and hypotheses.

team member image DEVELOPER

Experts in both client and server side development, our developers write custom code to bring your strategy to life.

Tools we work with

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At Widerfunnel, we solve business problems by providing surprising insights that release the hidden growth potential of your brand.

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