Deliver world-class CX with an insight driven personalization program

The first step to personalization is understanding your goals and your customers’ needs. Our experts will partner with you to identify high-value segments, prioritize personalization opportunities, and research your customers emotional needs. Our Personalization service helps you serve the right experience to the right person at the right time, delivering rich customer insights unique to your business.

Turning data into insights for a stronger CX

Effective personalization requires a strong foundation of data integrity and portability. We ensure your business has the data foundation necessary to enable real-time customer personalization inside of your testing tool. When combined with clear goal-definition, a methodical process, and a well-trained team we are able to reveal deep insights about your customer segments.
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Benefits of personalized customer experiences

Personalization enables you to create on-site experiences that resonate with audience segments and grow your business. Our team works with you to cut through the clutter of the data collection and evaluation process to identify your most valuable personalization opportunities.

Increased customer engagement

Presenting content or providing an experience that taps into a deeper understanding of an individual customer increases retention rates and keeps people coming back.

Increased conversions

Meaningful, contextually relevant experiences for your customers across your marketing channels drives new customer acquisition and increased conversion rates.

Increased revenue

When presented with marketing that is customized and appealing, customers connect with your company, leading to happier customers and more sales.

Your team of personalization experts


A customer experience expert leads your account; creating custom strategies unique to your business needs.


Our UX/UI designers are trained in conversion and work within your brand guidelines to design the user experiences.


Using both quantitative and qualitative data, our analysts uncover a never-ending stream of insights and hypotheses.


Experts in both client and server side development, our developers write custom code to bring your strategy to life.

Make more confident business decisions.

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Case studies

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“We knew going in this testing could be the opposite of airtight; it was a near-impossible balance because we have performance goals to manage, too. We had to be able to do these experiments while not mucking up the data and needed a partner who could help us do that.”

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  • Non-profit
  • eCommerce

Having lean internal operations, Heifer set out to search for a partner with the expertise to help them build a formal and structured experimentation program that can help them better understand their digital audience as they grow their online presence.

Personalization FAQ’s

What is a personalized customer experience?

A personalized customer experience is when a customer is served up a custom, relevant experience based on their goals, context, and preferences. For example, a teenager and senior citizen will not respond equally to the same message, so why not deliver them different messages that are best for them.

Why is personalization important in marketing?

Customers have increasingly higher expectations when it comes to personalization, and the businesses that are able to meet those needs can develop a competitive advantage.

How does marketing personalization create more leads?

Marketing personalization can generate more leads by delivering more relevant experiences for specific customers or customer segments. Better meeting the needs of segments or can increase their motivation to become paying customers.

Are there any prerequisites to doing personalization?

Yes and no. While personalization can be done by anyone, it is beneficial to have a strong foundation of CRO and A/B testing in order to excel. Personalization also requires large amounts of data to be done effectively. To get the most out of your personalization strategy, it is beneficial to have a CDP or other real-time data and segmenting platform set up in order to do personalization properly.

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