Using the right methods at the wrong times harms decision-making

Professionals in every field know they need to use the right tool and technique for each unique objective. A butter knife will eventually carve a turkey, but is that the best use of your effort?

If you’re over-reliant on one of two methods for innovating and optimizing your digital experiences, you’re missing out on important insights.

Each method of customer insights comes with inherent benefits and drawbacks. If you overweight one method, you can become exposed to serious research design flaws that can undermine your decisions. By combining multiple methods in a specific way, insights build each other to create a high-fidelity understanding of your customer needs and the right solution design.


Increase your confidence with a Mixed-Method program

The best experimentation programs today use multiple methods in careful combination to gain rich customer insights and design innovative solutions with increasing confidence. 

Widerfunnel has designed a Mixed-Method Experimentation approach into our proprietary Infinity Experimentation Process, which combines qualitative and quantitative, behavioral and attitudinal studies.


How our Mixed-Method Experimentation approach works

We combine multiple methods to “triangulate on the truth”, resulting in new insights and high-confidence decision-making. The result is a new understanding of your customers, continuously improved customer experience, and ever-increasing conversion rates and revenue.


For example, basic onsite polls aren’t very useful on their own. But, combining them with Widerfunnel’s qualitative services, such as MotivationLab®, can reveal the emotional context and shoppers’ emotional archetypes behind poll findings. These rich insights are then fed into powerful A/B test hypotheses that represent solutions designed with a psychological foundation.

Widerfunnel designs and implements ongoing experimentation programs using various methods that triangulate toward an ever-improving understanding of customers.

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