Scale your experimentation program with Liftmap

Improve collaboration and grow your experimentation program efficiently.

Built for conversion optimization and personalization teams to manage experiments from ideation to analysis. Prioritize hypotheses, store experiment details, comment on tests, and share results and insights with the broader organization. Liftmap has everything you need to effectively manage and grow your testing program, effortlessly.

Liftmap helps facilitate your CRO program success.

Like many companies, you probably began managing your CRO program through a frankenstein-mix of project management tools and spreadsheets. But as your CRO program has grown, you are probably finding that it has outgrown your current setup. Liftmap provides an architecture for growth, inspired and refined by some of the world’s largest testing organizations.

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What Liftmap can help you do

Prioritize ideas

Liftmap allows you to engage the broader team by capturing test ideas, hypotheses, and prioritizing them to ensure your backlog will maximize your ROI.

Manage workflows

Choose from our proven streamlined process to ensure experiments are made with consistency, or create your own custom workflows.

Build-out roadmaps

Build a work-schedule for upcoming experiments or get a real-time overview of your current pipeline to help avoid experiment conflicts and provide visibility to stakeholders.

Improve collaboration

Liftmap allows you to keep all your experiment communication in one location by tagging team members, assigning tasks, tracking workload, and more.

Grow your knowledge database

Centralize all your experiment information, including results and key insights, to easily share across your team or organization.

Improve program reporting

Prove the ROI of your experimentation efforts with real evidence – get reporting on velocity, win-rate, and progress against organizational objectives.

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