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We help remove organizational barriers

High-growth companies test ideas the fastest. They generate new insights and make better decisions more often. To accelerate growth, companies must overcome the barriers to experimentation velocity, make sense of more data, and understand their customers’ emotion-driven behaviors.

Getting Started

Benchmark the maturity of your CRO practice

Leveraging Widerfunnel’s PACET℠ framework, our experts will help you benchmark and elevate through the growth stages of your experimentation program.

Our proprietary PACET Assessment will identify areas to improve your Process, bring objective Accountability, strengthen your Culture of experimentation (from cross-team resources to C-suite), level-up the skills and Expertise of your team, and assess your Technology stack to ensure you can meet your organizational goals.

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Your Results

The Experimentation Operating System gives you insights at scale

We use your PACET Assessment results to create a customized program that will:
  • Grow your culture of experimentation
  • Coach your team and provide advanced CRO education
  • Engage management and formalize your experimentation operations
  • Run better, more insightful experiments
  • Increase your experiment win rate

Create your CRO Center of Excellence

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Your team of experts

From organizing teams to hiring experts and choosing technology platforms, we’ll help you achieve the highest insight-generation velocity.

team member image STRATEGIST

An experimentation expert leads your account; creating custom strategies unique to your business needs.

team member image DESIGNER

Our UX/UI designers are trained in conversion and work within your brand guidelines to design the user experiences.

team member image ANALYST

Using both quantitative and qualitative data, our analysts uncover a never-ending stream of insights and hypotheses.

team member image DEVELOPER

Experts in both client and server side development, our developers write custom code to bring your strategy to life.

Tools we work with

Not an enterprise company?

See our full-service experimentation program for corporate companies.

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At Widerfunnel, we solve business problems by providing surprising insights that release the hidden growth potential of your brand.

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