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How would it feel to have a higher conversion rate, more conversions, greater growth, and deeper customer insights and confidence in your CRO process? That’s how our clients feel every day.

Conversion rate optimization program

More than an A/B testing and conversion rate optimization agency, Widerfunnel has evolved into an insight- and growth-delivery partner. Our goal is to help brands make more confident decisions by designing more insightful experiments with a commitment to practice not just theory.

  • Multivariate A/B testing.
  • User research & testing
  • Behavioral science research
  • UX design
  • Copywriting
  • Data analysis
  • CRO consulting & training
  • Overcome bottlenecks in test development

CRO metrics that matter to your business

Rather than focusing on fluffy upper-funnel metrics like engagement and click-throughs, at Widerfunnel we drive actual bottom-line growth for our clients. We immerse ourselves in your business and work with you to understand what metrics drive business impact for your business.

  • Revenue
  • eCommerce conversion rate
  • Average order value (AOV)
  • Revenue per visitor
  • Customer lifetime value
  • Landing page conversion rate
  • Lead submissions
  • Lead quality
  • Run confident experiments

Our Process

With 14 years of CRO and experimentation experience, our strategy and delivery team are leaders in the field. Our team goes far beyond A/B testing to incorporate user research, applied behavioral sciences, design, and sophisticated tools that allow experimentation at scale.


Your team of CRO experts

CRO Strategist

A conversion rate experimentation expert leads your account; creating custom CRO strategies unique to your business needs.


Our UX/UI designers are trained in conversion optimization and work within your brand guidelines to design the user experiences.

CRO Analyst

Using both quantitative and qualitative data, our analysts uncover a never-ending stream of CRO insights and hypotheses.


Experts in both client and server side development, our developers write custom code to bring your CRO strategy to life.

Make more confident business decisions.

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Client Success

  • Retail
  • eCommerce

“We chose Widerfunnel as our agency partner because they work to help us educate our team internally and bring a better understanding of experimentation methodology to our organization. Our aim is to consistently grow the maturity of our experimentation practice.”

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  • Non-profit
  • eCommerce

“Having that culture of trying new things and the permission to fail, you’re opening the door to innovation and you’re allowing the potential for growth. If you’re not into experimentation, you’re not giving yourself the opportunity to grow.”


What is conversion rate optimization?

Conversion rate optimization is the practice of increasing the percentage of users taking a primary action on your website (or other customer facing experience).

How does conversion rate optimization work?

A conversion rate is primarily optimized by running A/B tests on your website in order to measure the effect of changes on your conversion rate in a scientific way.

How do you calculate conversion rate optimization?

The conversion rate is calculated by dividing the number of conversions, by the total number of visitors. For example, if you get 100 conversions per month and 1000 visitors per month, then your conversion rate would be 10%.

How do you improve conversion rate optimization?

The best way to get better results from conversion rate optimization is to formulate stronger evidence-based hypotheses, and ensure you are measuring and interpreting your tests correctly.

Why is conversion rate optimization important?

Conversion rate optimization is important because it is expensive and difficult to acquire traffic to your website. The better your site can turn that traffic into sales, the more profitable your business becomes. CRO also has a great side-benefit of teaching us a lot about what value propositions customers care about, which can be used in other ways to help the business.

Is conversion rate optimization part of digital marketing?

Mostly, yes. CRO is typically part of digital marketing, although it is possible to apply the principles to other channels, like Direct Mail.

What are the benefits of conversion rate optimization?

Conversion rate optimization has two primary benefits. The first is an increased conversion rate means more revenue for the business. The second is that we learn a lot about what resonates with our prospects, thus allowing us to develop more compelling products.

What kind of tools are used for conversion rate optimization?

In order to conduct conversion rate optimization correctly you will need an analytics platform, a testing tool, and a customer experience tool (heatmaps, user session recordings, scrollmaps). Analytics and customer experience tools allow for robust testing by supporting hypothesis creation and post-test analysis.

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