Are you still guessing about what motivates your customers?

The great persuaders know that shoppers make decisions emotionally and support their decisions rationally. Unfortunately, traditional research methods can only reveal “what” and “how” people act. It has been impossible for business leaders to understand the emotional “why” behind their customers’ decisions—until now.

Today, understanding your customers’ emotional drivers is not limited to a select few academic researchers. New frameworks allow us to translate the latest behavioral economic research into tools business leaders can use. Together, we apply a rigorous, scientific approach to understanding and designing products and shopping experiences around human emotion and proven behavior patterns.

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See how DSC, Microsoft, and HP are using behavioural science to illuminate how their customers think, behave, and make decisions (with applied behavioral science).

As the only North American agency with a digital exclusive license for the Limbic Model TM, Widerfunnel has access to proprietary studies that provide insight into the context of your customers’ purchase decisions.

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Our behavioral scientists know how to uncover the root of your customer motivations.

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Our user researchers reveal your customers’ needs, wants, and pain points and how your product resonates with them.

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Our UX/UI designers are trained in conversion and work within your brand guidelines to design the user experiences.

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Experts in both client and server side development, our developers write custom code to bring your strategy to life.

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