How to turn your data into revenue-driving customer-centric experiences

51 minute video | Presenters: James Flory (Widerfunnel) & George Fang (Heap) | Published: August 2018

Marketers have access to more data today than ever before, but often struggle to leverage it in an impactful way. To design a truly customer-centric experience and prevent funnel drop-off, you need to put your data to work in a robust experimentation program.

In this virtual session, WiderFunnel Optimization Strategist, James Flory and George Fang from Heap (ex-Google, Zynga), will show you how to leverage all of your customer data to analyze and then optimize the customer journey, and design a growth-driving experimentation program that will ultimately increase your bottom line. You’ll learn:

  • Which tools will best allow you to track and aggregate data from every customer touchpoint
  • How to dig deep into your data and leverage it to create impactful hypotheses for experimentation
  • How to identify specific triggers that cause customers to convert or drop-off and techniques to optimize based on this information

Your Presenters

James Flory WiderFunnel Strategist James Flory, Widerfunnel |  @jamesdouglasflory
James Flory is an Optimization Strategist at WiderFunnel, partnering with leading brands like Direct Energy, H&R Block, weBoost, and The Motley Fool to achieve tangible growth through experimentation. James has expertise in behavioral psychology and personalization, and is a well-loved guest lecturer at several colleges.

George FangGeorge Fang, Heap | @fanggeorge
An evangelist in using data to drive growth, George started his career working with large F500 tech companies in the Bay Area. Disappointed in the rigidity of legacy data stacks, George joined Heap, where he discovered a tool designed for the modern Growth Hacker. Armed with the power of comprehensive & retroactive analytics, George is now an expert in analyzing multi-channel attribution models to help guide users through the customer journey.