How to optimize your e-commerce website at every customer touchpoint

60 minute video & slides | Published: August 2019

On-demand webinar

How do you build an e-commerce experimentation program that results in a delightful customer experience at every touch point, and improved customer lifetime value?

In this session, Widerfunnel Senior Experimentation Strategist James Flory will share the frameworks and success factors that fuel leading e-commerce experimentation programs.

  • How to avoid common optimization mistakes and deliver a successful program that is underpinned by validation and framework thinking.
  • How leading e-commerce companies are using advanced experimentation to drive customer-centric conversion rate lift.
  • How to use losing experiments to gain valuable insights and further drive growth.

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James Flory WiderFunnel Strategist James Flory, Widerfunnel | LinkedIn
James Flory is a Senior Experimentation Strategist at Widerfunnel, working directly with leading brands like Direct Energy, H&R Block, Intercom, and The Motley Fool to achieve tangible growth through digital experimentation.