Widerfunnel Unplugged: Unpacking Experimentation Trends

60 minute video | Presenters: James Flory, Natasha Wahid, Kim Quach, Thomas Davis (WiderFunnel) | Published: October 2018

Are you planning to scale and innovate your organization’s experimentation program in 2019?

For the first-ever installment of “WiderFunnel Unplugged”, four of our top experts answered your questions about the potential of experimentation as a business strategy.

This interactive panel event took place right off the back of North America’s leading digital experience optimization conference – Opticon. Each of our expert speakers returned with fresh ideas and insight on emerging trends across the industry.

Topics discussed include:

  • Challenges faced by enterprise organizations as they work to embed experimentation within their infrastructure
  • How understanding your customers’ motivations, needs, beliefs and perceptions is a core part of scaling experimentation
  • New strategies for taking your experimentation program to game-changing levels in 2019

Your Presenters

James Flory WiderFunnel Strategist James Flory, Optimization Strategist, WiderFunnel
James is an idea factory; a creative thinker right out of the box – batteries included. He believes that no question is too big, no insight too small, and that a curious mind should always be rewarded. He rewards our clients every day with new test ideas that uncover insights into their customers and their business.

Kim QuachKim Quach, UX Research Specialist, WiderFunnel
As WiderFunnel’s UX Research Specialist, Kim works with organizations such as Heifer International and Navico to explore their audiences’ emotional needs and states. Formerly an Optimization Coordinator, Kim played a crucial role in scaling the experimentation programs of leading brands such as The Motley Fool, RentPath, and Colibri Group. She is an expert on drawing insights from in-depth research to help organizations evolve and innovate.

Thomas Davis WiderFunnel Full Stack DeveloperThomas Davis, Full Stack Developer, WiderFunnel
Thomas Davis is a senior developer at WiderFunnel. He innovates and implements experiments on client websites, creating both client-side and server-side tests. He combines a strong knowledge of coding and multivariate testing to deliver rich user experiences. Thomas also teaches at Lighthouse Labs, a local Vancouver coding bootcamp, mentors at local hackathons (including the HTML 500), and has co-facilitated a webinar on server-side testing for Optimizely.

Natasha Wahid WiderFunnel Marketing ManagerNatasha Wahid, Marketing Lead, WiderFunnel
Natasha Wahid is WiderFunnel’s Marketing Manager, an integral leader on the company’s Growth team, spearheading the company’s marketing strategies. She is an expert content editor, working with a team to craft in-depth and analytical thought leadership, including case studies, blog articles, white papers, video, and original research, like the “State of Experimentation Maturity 2018” report.