How to use conversion rate optimization to surpass 1 million customers

60 minute video | 31 slides | Published: July 2013

Reading Time: 1 minutes

Expensify is a fast-growth startup with a lean team facing large competitors. When they set their goal to surpass a million users, they knew they needed to improve their signup conversion rate–fast! They did and, in the process, boosted their subscriber base to over 1 million users.

David Barrett Chris Goward
In this webinar, you’ll hear from David Barrett, Founder of Expensify and Chris Goward, Founder of WiderFunnel, how they dramatically lifted their conversion rate by 47.2% with A/B split testing.

Watch the recording now to learn:

  • How they overcame the unique challenges all startups face
  • How the strategy team identifies signup barriers using the LIFT Model
  • The surprising test result–and what they learned from it!

Webinar Slides: How to Use Conversion Rate Optimization to Surpass 1 Million Customers from Chris Goward