The state of experimentation maturity 2018

Research Report | Published: April 2018

The most successful companies in the world such as Amazon, Netflix, and Walmart are using experimentation as a core growth strategy. And they are winning in the marketplace.

But developing and scaling an experimentation program is no easy task. So, what makes some organizations so successful? What are they focused on? What are they doing differently? What are they doing better?

This new, original research report aims to answer these questions, looking at the state of experimentation maturity among leading North American brands. In it, you’ll discover five observed stages of maturity, and benchmarks and insights around each.

Get the complete 45-page report to discover:

  • Reported conversion rate changes, experiment win-rates, and experiment velocity for each level of maturity
  • How the most mature organizations are staffing for experimentation and optimization, and how their experimentation programs are structured
  • Learnings and suggestions from strategic experts for how to maintain and scale your experimentation strategy