Mobile marketing optimization at [email protected]

60 minute video | Published: November 2014

At the [email protected] summit

Presentation recording

This recording is from Chris Goward’s presentation at the [email protected] Summit in Dublin, Ireland. The session took place October 20th, 2014.

Session description:

Are we in the year of mobile yet? It’s been predicted for years, and it is now here. But the definition of mobile is changing – so how do we look at it this year? Are we still distinguishing between phone and tablet? What about wearables?

Many marketers just like you are grappling with these new, dynamic customer touchpoints. But, mobile doesn’t have to be mysterious.

In this session, marketing optimization expert and CRO thought leader, Chris Goward, will share examples, frameworks and a process you can use to dramatically improve your marketing results, including your mobile experiences.

You’ll learn:

  • How to evaluate your mobile experiences from your customers perspective
  • Common mobile mistakes marketers are making, including the major RWD problem
  • How to integrate mobile optimization into your overall optimization strategy