Landing Page Optimization Research Report 2015

15-Page Whitepaper | Published: November 2015

What separates companies that are successful at Landing Page Optimization (LPO) from the rest?

This research report will show you characteristics and tips you can apply to your optimization program.

WiderFunnel partnered with Ascend2 to field respondent data from landing page experts around the world, resulting in this exclusive research report on LPO.

Read the report to see what the experts have to say about:

  • Optimizing landing pages to lift conversions
  • Rating LPO success
  • Examining obstacles to LPO success
  • The most useful metrics in landing page optimization

The content in this report is based on responses from hundreds of landing page experts in many industries and draws on the expertise of WiderFunnel and Ascend2 to create a compelling overview of landing page optimization.

About the Authors

Since 2007, WiderFunnel has been dramatically lifting conversion rates and profit for companies like eBay, Salesforce, Electronic Arts, Google,, and many more.

Ascend2 provides research-based demand generation exclusively for marketing software and data companies, and digital marketing agencies.