How to build a marketing optimization machine

36-page guide | Published: July 2016

Is your optimization program discovering and testing the best ideas?

Infinity Optimization Process (TM)
WiderFunnel’s Infinity Optimization Process™

You may be thinking “What’s an optimization program?”

Optimization isn’t just a project or tactic. It’s more than running ad hoc A/B tests on your website. The industry is maturing quickly. It’s time to put some serious effort into building a real optimization program at your company.

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn:

  • The in’s and out’s of the optimization processes and frameworks used at WiderFunnel
  • How to discover your unique value proposition
  • How to identify conversion barriers, prioritize experiments, and grow your optimization program

Use this guide to build a well-oiled conversion optimization machine that will deliver both growth and insights for your company.