Getting started with server-side testing: How to lay the foundation for full stack success

48 minute video | Presenters: Dennis Pavlina & Thomas Davis | Published: December 2017

One of the most difficult aspects of deep experimentation ― which requires a full stack solution and server-side testing ― is laying a solid foundation for success. In this webinar recording, WiderFunnel’s resident experts Dennis Pavlina and Thomas Davis will guide you through best practices for going beyond client-side testing, and implementing a full stack experimentation strategy to drive results on the entire customer journey.

You’ll learn:

  • How to identify your key success metrics, such as customer retention and lifetime value
  • How to integrate experimentation into your product roadmap
  • How to start optimizing your full customer journey with server-side experiments

Your Presenters

Dennis PavlinaDennis Pavlina, Optimization Strategist, WiderFunnel |  @dennispavlina
Dennis uses his strategic mindset and deep understanding of digital marketing to produce impactful insights for clients alongside WiderFunnel’s expert team of coordinators, developers, copywriters, and designers.

Tom DavisThomas Davis, Senior Developer, WiderFunnel | LinkedIn | GitHub
Thomas rocks our tech team using his grit, innovative thinking and a strong passion for code to solve problems. He is the go-to guy for server-side testing development.