Harnessing the experimentation mindset to drive growth

Research Report | Published: September 2019

Today, the world’s fast-growth companies have embedded experimentation into their organization.

An impactful experimentation practice is not simply about launching online A/B tests. The companies that are winning are embracing experimentation as a core competency. They are using experimentation to drive overall business growth, reduce decision-making risk, and generate deep customer insights.

How do business leaders harness the experimentation mindset to drive growth?

This report is based on a study of over 200 senior-level business executives. In it, Widerfunnel details the characteristics of experimentation programs of fast-growth companies. It includes responses from decision-makers at leading brands such as Allstate, BMW, Domino’s, Target, Microsoft, and more.

Download the 38-page report now to learn about:

  • The four key factors that are critical to a thriving experimentation practice.
  • Unique statistics and data visualizations that benchmark the characteristics of fast-growth companies against no-growth companies.
  • Learnings and suggestions from experts in the field for how to foster the experimentation mindset.