Experimentation at scale: A roadmap for the enterprise

A Roadmap for the Enterprise | Published: September 2018

You are doing business in a time of disruption – hungry companies are talking to their users, experimenting with their products, and moving at a rapid pace.

But becoming an experimentation-first organization doesn’t happen overnight. And it doesn’t happen without meeting a few obstacles.

In this guide, we will explore the biggest challenges faced by enterprise organizations as they work to embed experimentation within their infrastructure – and how to surmount them.

Based on feedback from our partners at Optimizely, as well as contacts at American Express, Best Buy, Nike, HP, IBM, and more, we show you how to scale your experimentation program through six milestones:

  • Milestone #1: Achieving Executive-level alignment
  • Milestone #2: Defining the goals for your experimentation program
  • Milestone #3: Determining where to start your experimentation program
  • Milestone #4: Structuring and scaling your experimentation program
  • Milestone #5: Addressing resource and skill gaps across your organization
  • Milestone #6: Addressing constraints and regulations within your industry