How to turn customer insights into revenue-driving experiments

Interactive 28-page workbook | Published: October 2017

Ask more powerful questions. Get more impactful results.

The power of optimization lies in testing the best possible hypotheses for your business and context.

But many marketers are still testing ad hoc ideas, based on ‘best practices’ or the highest paid person’s opinion…

This new interactive workbook will help you ask more questions about your marketing experiences and your customers’ needs. It will help you prioritize and ensure you are testing the most important ideas.

Based on strategies we use to drive truly impactful results for companies like HP, Sylvan Learning, IBM, EA, Magento, ASICS, eBay, and more our, this workbook will change the way you test.

You’ll learn:

  • How to dig deeper within your data to gather more customer insights
  • How to analyze an area within your website using WiderFunnel’s famous frameworks
  • How to prioritize the most important areas and marketing hypotheses to test