Emotional strategies tested: Leverage the power of emotion in online customer experiences

A 14-page guide | Published: July 2020

Emotion is paramount in customer experience.

You are competing with companies that can offer customers a deeper product offering and a frictionless purchase process than most brands ever can.

Are your customers landing on your site and thinking, “this brand really gets me”? That’s the emotional connection that can make all the difference in your customer experience.

So, how can you make emotional marketing a part of your e-commerce strategy?

It’s not enough to know the theory behind emotional marketing. You need to generate data to prove which emotions resonate with your customers.

In this guide, we’ll cover:

  • The foundations of emotional marketing.
  • How to gather customer insights that evoke emotion and level up your e-commerce strategy.
  • Real client examples that show how brands are successfully leveraging emotional marketing in their e-commerce experimentation and driving business growth.