[Research] Driving business growth in the experimentation era

60 minute video & slides | Published: November 2019

On-demand webinar

Did you know, that the world’s fast-growth companies have incorporated experimentation into their organization. A Forrester research found organizations that can create a healthy culture of experimentation grow at least eight times faster than the global GDP.

Join Chris Goward, Founder and CEO of Widerfunnel, as he shares insights from our research report about how decision-makers at leading brands such as Allstate, BMW, Domino’s, Target, and Microsoft use experimentation programs to accelerate business growth. You will walk away with:

  • The four key factors that are critical to a thriving experimentation practice.
  • Unique statistics and data visualizations that benchmark the characteristics of fast-growth companies against no-growth companies.
  • Learnings and suggestions from experts in the field for how to foster the experimentation mindset.

Your Presenter

Chris Goward WiderFunnel CEO Chris Goward, CEO, Widerfunnel | LinkedIn
When companies like HP, Microsoft, The Motley Fool and Dollar Shave Club want to improve their business results, they call Chris Goward. Chris founded WiderFunnel with the belief that great ideas should be tested to prove their value. He is the brain behind the popular LIFT Model® and Infinity Experimentation Process®, wrote the bestselling book, You Should Test That!, and has spoken at 300+ events globally.