The Book of ‘A-ha!’ Moments

10 real-world test results, 10 unexpected marketing insights | Published: April 2017

‘A-ha!’ Moments are what optimizers live for.

These are the insights that lead to more substantial revenue lift and profitable growth for your company. At WiderFunnel, our mission is create profitable ‘A-ha!’ moments for our clients every day.

And now, we are sharing those moments with you!

This ebook includes 10 of our favorite ‘A-ha!’ moments from 10 WiderFunnel clients. Each chapter is a mini-case study, showcasing the hypothesis, the experiment setup, and the results.

  • 10 mini-case studies, featuring marketing unexpected insights
  • Real-world tests that showcase proper Design of Experiments
  • How to leverage psychological principles, personalization, and UX principles in your tests