On The Road Again

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I never thought I’d be called a road warrior, but looking at my calendar for the next 3 months it looks as though a good home cooked meal will be a rare commodity. I’ll be in San Francisco, Seattle, London, Helsinki, Berlin, Frankfurt, back to Vancouver, then off to Florida, Vegas, and Santa Clara. Whew!

It reminds me of a theme song from one of my favorite childhood shows. Crank up your speakers…

The silver lining to being on the road is meeting with our clients. It’s always nice to put a friendly face and personality behind an e-mail address. Since WiderFunnel’s clients are scattered across the globe and most I haven’t met in person, the ability to meet face-to-face is always a pleasure.

If you’re curious, here’s a list of conferences I’ll be speaking at during my trip:

  1. SES San Francisco 2012: August 13th – 17th
    • Speaking Session: August 14th – 3:30pm
      “Optimizing Landing Pages for Conversion and Revenue”
  2. European Conversion Summit: September 9th
    Frankfurt, Germany

    • Keynote: September 9th – 1:30pm
  3. Conversion Conference Florida: October 9th – 10th
    • Speaking Session: October 9th – 11:15am
      “How to Develop a Conversion Optimization Strategy”
  4. PubCon Las Vegas 2012: October 15th – 18th
    • Speaking Session: October 17th – 1:30pm
      “A/B and Multivariate Testing”
    • Speaking Session: October 18th – 3:10pm
      “Post Click Marketing: Landing Page Optimization”
  5. Online Marketing Summit, Santa Clara: October 22nd – 25th
    • Speaking Session: October 23rd – 11:45am
      “Avoiding the Top 10 Conversion Optimization Mistakes”

If you’re in the locale and want to meet please let me know. The finance team here has decided to increase my alcohol budget, so I can happily say, “Drinks are on me!”

To schedule a meeting send me an e-mail at [email protected] with the conference name in the subject line and my lovely assistant, Nancy, will coordinate a meeting.

Looking forward to seeing you on the road again!

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