New Eyetracking Heatmap: 6 Ways to Get More Webinar Sign-Ups

1  | Last updated: May 29th, 2015

At Chief Marketer, Anne Holland (of MarketingSherpa, of course) reveals the results of a New Eyetracking Heatmap: 6 Ways to Get More Webinar Sign-Ups. We had previously purchased this research and interpreted the learning for our clients.

The results aren’t ground-breaking, which probably means they are worth repeating. The basic principles behind successful landing page design don’t change that much. The skill is the ability to sort the myriad principles and apply ONLY the relevant ones scientifically to each unique situation.

You need to be careful about which conclusions you draw from heatmaps, though. They’re great for revealing surprising areas of focus on your site, but the learnings can only be reliably applied to the page being tested.

The heatmap is, of course, highly influenced by the content on the page. You’ll always find hot spots where there’s an image of a person, regardless of where you place it on the page. So, don’t tell me that you’ve found a great place to put the person’s image just because everyone’s looking at it there, okay?

On a related note, WiderFunnel recently ran a webinar showing exactly how powerful click heatmaps can be for conversion optimization.


Chris Goward

Founder & CEO

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