Build emotional connections with your customers to drive growth

You know a lot about your ideal customers…

You know their age, sex, geolocation, browsing behavior, and purchase history.

But even with all of this data, you may still just be scratching the surface of why your customers behave the way they do.

And that’s a problem. Because recent research shows that your shoppers are making buying decisions emotionally, not rationally.

But what if you knew the “why” behind your customers’ behavior?

What if you could identify what resonates with your ideal customers on an emotional level, and design your marketing experiences around that data? What if you could create the best possible customer experience?

Well, now you can.

At WiderFunnel, we have launched a service that looks at how emotion and personality drive your shoppers to make buying decisions. It leverages a proprietary framework, called Limbic®, and allows us to:

  1. Identify the emotional states and needs of your target customers, and
  2. Create marketing experiences that resonate with them on an emotional level.

Learn more about the scientific theory behind Limbic, here.

MotivationLab: A deep dive into your customer’s mindset

MotivationLab is a way to dive deep into your target customer’s mindset, and reveal their emotional states and needs.

MotivationLab deep dives are conducted through a series of interviews with carefully recruited respondents. Respondents are recruited based on customized criteria, which considers the demographics, geographics, behavior, motivation, and context of use of your target customers.

Each MotivationLab experiment aims to:

  • Reveal inconsistencies between the effect that you, the marketer, planned to create with your communication, and the actual effect of your communication
  • Identify optimization potential, especially regarding target group-specific communication
  • Evaluate “brand fit”: Does your marketing communication support or weaken your brand (positioning)?

Why MotivationLab?

Unlocking your customers’ emotional states and needs doesn’t just benefit your digital strategy. It impacts every single part of your marketing. You won’t need the Don Drapers of the past to guide your campaign strategy, design your in-store experience, build the perfect homepage or write the most compelling headline.

Instead, you can leverage scientific methodology to build an emotional connection with your customers. Across your marketing spectrum.

Want to learn more about MotivationLab?

Talk to an Expert now to find out how you can drive conversions and maximize customer lifetime value with MotivationLab:

Matt Wright

Director, Behavioral Science