Meet me at Case Camp Vancouver

1  | Last updated: June 1st, 2016

The upcoming Case Camp event looks like it’ll be a good one.

If you’re not familiar with Case Camp, it’s billed as an “unconference” along the lines of BarCamp, etc. The agenda and attendee list is built on a wiki so you can sign yourself up by editing the page yourself.

In addition to my little talk about something to do with Landing page optimization, conversion optimization, etc., will be Thao Ngo from Marqui, David Gratton from Donat Group (sounds yummy!), Alan Bedingfield of Smak fame (always interesting), and something about Twitter from Colleen Coplick.

If none of that sounds interesting enough, grab a pint at the Lamplighter and talk to some of the interesting folks that’ll be there.

The event happens:
Date: Wednesday, February 20th 2008
Time: (arrive early for a drink) 5:45pm & 1st Case @ 6:15pm
@ the Lamplighter


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