Transform your digital experiences with personalization

Lift your sales and profit with a proven marketing personalization strategy.

WiderFunnel’s expert team will partner with you to define and validate your most valuable visitor segments, and your most impactful personalized experiences, using our proven process.

What is personalization?

Personalization in marketing refers to the ultimate goal of customizing a visitor’s experience to their individual needs and desires, based on in-depth information and insights about them.

While a hyper-personalized, 1:1, marketer-to-customer nirvana is ideal, personalization almost always relies on segmentation, which is the process of bucketing your visitors into similar aggregate groups.

Why should I do personalization?

Your visitors need to feel heard and understood. When you provide a personalized and meaningful experience to your visitors, you increase the relevance of your value proposition to each one. You show them that you are listening.

If you can speak their language, match their expectations, and address their unique needs, fears, and desires, you will see a lift in sales.

Avoid costly personalization mistakes

The rise of personalization tools and popularity has meant the rise of marketers doing personalization the wrong way. Far too often, we see:

  • Ad hoc implementation of off-the-shelf features without understanding what need they are solving.
  • Poor personalization insights with little data analysis and framework thinking driving the implementation.
  • Lack of rigorous process to hypothesize, test, and validate personalization ideas.
  • Lack of resources to sustain the many additional marketing messages that must be created to support multiple, personalized target segments.

Get results with an iterative approach to marketing personalization

We are the conversion optimization agency, and the same strategic approach is folded into our personalization services. We provide structured, robust strategy and testing to deliver meaningful insights and bottom-line results.

The 3-phased approach to personalization

At WiderFunnel, we view personalization in 3 phases.

Phase 1: Platform & Data Implementation

Phase 1 is primarily about integrating the necessary platforms including data layers, CRMs, analytics, and other data collection tools.

Phase 2: Data Analysis & Segmentation

Phase 2 is focused on data analysis and applying data science principles to identify and bucket your users into segments with statistically significant similarities and consistencies in behavior.

Contact an Expert to learn more about our segmentation methodologies.

Phase 3: Full System Integration

Phase 3 is ongoing, and involves the iterative refinement of your user segments, as well as the experiences that get the best results, in terms of conversions. This is achieved through ongoing testing, and refinement of the personalized experiences that drive the most overall revenue.

We partner with you to mature your personalization program through all three phases, to ensure that you are able to build a culture of personalization; this is a key aspect of the work we provide.

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