Internet use while watching TV – Good for marketers?

2 min. read | Last updated: March 12th, 2015

Media multitasking is not always a bad thing, Marketers.

This week eMarketer released their findings about Kids Juggling Media, which shows that they’re going online while watching television, often to visit websites they see on TV and discuss with their friends. And it’s not just the kids that are involved in this. The trend over the past few years has been to replace desktop computers with laptops, which are more likely to be used while the TV’s on.

eMarketer TV and Internet Use
Passive TV becomes Interactive

The media will be inclined to put a negative spin on this, but this can only be good for smart marketers. TV, which has always been a passive media vehicle, is now becoming part of an interactive experience. Ad agencies have seen terrible conversion rates in the past when driving from TV to online and many have written it off as a waste of time. “TV viewers just don’t remember urls by the time they get to the computer” they’ll say. But the viewer is not only visiting your website after seeing your ad, they’re telling their friends about it in real-time. We’re starting to see some good examples of marketers using this interactivity for their benefit.

We’ve seen incredible landing page conversion rates driving from TV to web for our clients. And we continue to optimize the conversion rates on these TV landing page experiences and learn which layout, design and content for each market segment will optimize its performance.

Through our landing page testing, we’ve learning that some conversion factors need to be presented visually and other through headlines and copy. One learning is how important it is to provide visual reference of the source media. Landing pages that show visuals of the product tend to underperform those with visuals of the actors or graphics in the TV ads. We’ve also learned when and how much to emphasize free offer contests in visuals, headlines and copy. Using these best practices and, more importantly, testing how they apply in your situation, will multiply your success at driving results from TV.

But, let me warn you, this isn’t a job for your ad agency. Ad agencies can be great at coming up with brand campaign ideas, keeping consistency with brand standards, and finding media efficiency, but they often fall down when an advertising strategy calls for embracing complexity or disciplined marketing optimization.

To optimize your marketing for maximum response, you need a niche agency to complement your ad agency’s “big idea” skills. You need a partner with a proven, statistically significant, process for marketing optimization.

Note: You can download free conversion optimization resources here or contact us for information on how to get more Actions from your marketing efforts.


Chris Goward

Founder & CEO

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