How to Get a 100% Conversion Rate Landing Page

2 min. read | Last updated: March 12th, 2015

Take a look at your stats for one of your important landing pages. What’s your current conversion rate? It’s probably less than 10% if your desired Action is a purchase. If you’re trying to get a lead or offering a free download you may be as high as 50 or 60%.

Now imagine if you could get a 100% conversion rate.

That means every single unique visitor to that page would successfully complete your desired action. Of course, that’s not possible.

Why can you never get a 100% conversion rate?

Every landing page has three types of visitors: Water, Stones and Clay.

Three landing page visitor types


These are the visitors that already know what they’re looking for and they know you’ve got it. It would take an Old Testament disaster to stop them from taking your Action.


These visitors will never complete your Action. They’re the ones that in our stats that arrive on our website after searching for “currency conversion rates”. They’re not even in the right ballpark and you’ll be beating yourself up if you think you’re going to convince them to Act.


This is where you can make a difference. A clay visitor has a need (known or unknown, real or imagined) that you can meet. They meet your sales criteria of having the Budget, Authority, Need and Timeframe (BANT) to Act immediately. But they’re not yet convinced. They have unanswered questions and are influenced by Anxiety and Distraction factors in your conversion funnel.

Two Levers: source optimization and conversion rate optimization

You only have two levers to improve your conversion rate: the quality of the source traffic and the persuasiveness of your content and presentation.

To get a 100% conversion rate landing page you would need to either be so convincing that all even Eskimos would buy your sunscreen or you need to restrict your traffic only to allow water in.

How to Influence Putty?

That’s the key question, isn’t it? Over the next few weeks I’ll reveal how we’ve been able to lift all of our clients’ conversion rates. We’ll talk about our L.I.F.T. tool that we use to evaluate landing pages and some of the most important areas to start testing.

But first, the foundation

In a few weeks I’ll discuss the why your conversion rate is not important and what you should be measuring. Make sure you get it by joining the blog to email distribution list below (you can always unsubscribe later).


Chris Goward

Founder & CEO

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