How Conversion Optimization Addresses the Challenge of a Single-product eCommerce site and lifts conversions by 50%

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If you run a single-product eCommerce site, as opposed to multi-product niche stores, you know you face unique challenges.

Most marketers, even multi-product eCommerce marketers, aren’t aware of the unique complexities you face:
• Market must be created
• Product must be seen to be appreciated
• Prospects are not aware of product capabilities
• No one searches for a product they don’t know about
• Sales tend to be one-shot with the potential for repeat sales
• The chances of a web visitor to purchase on website tend to be low to moderate since, by definition, there is only one product to select from

Plus, and this is huge, all the marketing costs must be carried by single product and cannot be spread over many products.

So when we started to optimize the conversion rate for Sytropin, a product of Speedwinds Nutrition (a Portland, OR-based business focused exclusively on developing top quality nutritional supplements), we knew we had a big challenge in our hands.

As most single-product eCommerce websites, management knew it needed to improve the sales conversion rate and had reworked its Pay-per-Click landing page and conducted extensive testing – both A/B and multivariate. But their visitor-to-buyer conversion improvements had reached a ‘conversion rate plateau’ and now they needed expert help.

By working together with WiderFunnel, management was able to break out of the ‘conversion rate plateau’ and generate a quantum leap conversion rate lift to their AdWords landing page: 50% more sales conversions from the same traffic.

If you manage a single-product eCommerce site you should read the case study and then attend the by-registration only webinar (and take a peek behind the scenes on how the test was designed and executed).

Find the Sytropin Case Study here and register for the in-depth webinar to be presented November 4, 2009 here.

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