Your guide to leading conversion optimization frameworks

Discover the optimization frameworks HP, Asics, IBM, and more are using to accelerate business growth

Want to see serious (+900%) return on your optimization investment?

Stop messing around with random, ad-hoc, best-practice-obsessed testing. And start testing strategically, using framework thinking and process.
In this guide, you will learn how to leverage WiderFunnel’s best-known optimization frameworks, including the LIFT Model, Infinity Optimization Process, and PIE Framework.
These are the frameworks that have led to:

  • $1 million per month lift in sales for BuildDirect
  • 88.6% increase in qualified leads for Magento
  • 95% increase in donation revenue for International Rescue Committee
  • Doubled revenue year-over-year for

What are you waiting for? Get the guide, and start seeing positive results, now!

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