How to increase your sales by over 40% like weBoost did

Free Webinar | Tuesday, July 25 | 10:00am PST

Back in the Summer of 2015, Jamie Elgie had just been appointed CMO of weBoost—an electronics manufacturer and online retailer. He was stepping into a new role and needed to increase sales.
Despite big marketing spend, however, sales weren’t growing. Jamie had to quickly make cuts, but he wasn’t positive about where to cut.
Flash forward to today.
WeBoost has increased transactions by more than 40%, and redesigned their website with minimal risk. And Jamie has devised a new budget allocation strategy. He is able to focus on the best channels with confidence.
On Tuesday, July 25, join Jamie and Chris Goward, WiderFunnel Founder & CEO, as they demonstrate, step by step, how the weBoost marketing team has achieved such incredible success.
You’ll learn:

  • How weBoost has doubled conversion rates and increased sales, with real examples
  • How to redesign your website with minimal risk
  • How to get massively improved growth with lower budget
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