Thriving Through COVID: The Surprising Science of Emotion Behind Fast Growth

Featured Expert: Chris Goward, Founder & CEO, Widerfunnel

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If your product only solves functional needs, you’ve already lost. Customers buy based on their emotional reaction, not rational need.

In the midst of the COVID crisis and impending recession, business leaders who understand their customers’ emotional needs will emerge as winners.

But, as business leaders, how do you understand the emotional drivers behind your customer’s purchasing behaviours and adapt to your customers’ needs in times like these?

Watch above as customer experience pioneer, Chris Goward, shows you the latest Behavioral Science insights from the current global crisis and techniques you can use to win today.

You’ll learn:

  • Rigorous Behavioral Science frameworks that will generate new insights about your customers.
  • Techniques to create more impactful experiments that uncover insights about their emotional needs and motivations.
  • Case studies showing how to optimize your entire customer experience to increase conversion and customer loyalty.

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Featured expert

Chris Goward

Founder and CEO

When companies like HP, Microsoft, The Motley Fool, and Dollar Shave Club want to improve their marketing results, they call Chris Goward. Chris founded Widerfunnel with the belief that marketing agencies should prove their value. He is the brain behind the popular LIFT Model® and Infinity Optimization Process™, wrote the bestselling book, You Should Test That!, and has spoken at 300+ events globally.

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