Overcoming uncertainty: The transformation of Heifer International

On Demand Webinar

Many incumbent organizations find it difficult to reinvent themselves; they are stuck with a certain perception of who they are and struggle to overcome it.

So, what happens when a 75-year-old organization is forced to reinvent itself? What happens when all of a sudden that pressure increases tenfold?

The key is to let your customers take the lead. Unfortunately, this is not an easy task. It involves deeply understanding, rapidly applying, and continuously validating your communication, experiences, and business models.

Watch this webinar to hear how Heifer International is using behavioral science, powered by experimentation, to drive innovation and reinvention.

You’ll learn:

  • The science of understanding your customers’ perceptions, needs, and contexts using a mixed method approach.
  • How to move from insight to action, and validate your actions are working.
  • Real life examples of how Heifer International is applying a mixed-methods, experimentation, and behavioral science.
  • How you can apply these learnings to your business or organization during times of change.

Your Presenters

Harper Grubbs, Senior Director of Digital Marketing, Heifer International |  LinkedIn
Harper has over 20 years of experience in analyzing audience behavior across multiple industries and helping organizations navigate the intersection of marketing and technology, including the advent of digital strategy. He currently leads the digital fundraising strategy at Heifer International, helping people to overcome hunger and poverty.

Matt Wright, Director of Behavioral Science,
Widerfunnel |
Matt leads the behavioral science team at Widerfunnel to help clients better understand the motivational drivers behind customer decisions. He applies groundbreaking research techniques, psychological principles, and proprietary psychographic models, to understand the “why” behind our decisions.

If you are looking for ways to navigate your organization’s digital transformation and wondering how to adapt to the ever-changing global climate, this webinar is for you!