Groomed for success: Dollar Shave Club wins with experimentation

On Demand Webinar

In highly competitive consumer environments, businesses struggle to know how to stay ahead of the competition. Would you like to know the secrets of the leading brands?

Growth companies like Dollar Shave Club have found out how the right kind of experimentation program gives them a sustaining advantage.

Watch this webinar to hear the first-hand account of how Dollar Shave Club is gaining valuable customer insights and uncovering hidden revenue.

You’ll learn:

  • How innovators within Dollar Shave Club overcame corporate inertia to re-invent their experimentation program.
  • The key to proving ROI for your program to get the budget you need.
  • Real experiment examples and how the team comes up with a never-ending stream of new ideas.
  • How their insights can be applied to your business growth.

Your Presenters

Tsega Dinka, VP of Digital Product, Dollar Shave Club |  LinkedIn
Tsega is a digital product executive with 15 years of leadership and management experience in product and user experience design. He is currently the VP of Digital Product at Dollar Shave Club, overseeing digital strategy, planning and prioritization, and the experimentation program.

Diana Smith, Director of Product Management, Dollar Shave Club |  LinkedIn
Diana has been in the digital product space for 5+ years focusing on subscription growth and retention. After starting her career in project management, she gravitated toward digital product. As the Director of Product Management at Dollar Shave Club, she oversees Member Acquisition and Growth.

Chris Goward, Founder & CEO, Widerfunnel |  LinkedIn
When companies like HP, Microsoft, The Motley Fool, and Dollar Shave Club want to improve their growth, they call Chris. Chris founded Widerfunnel with the belief that great customer experiences should be continuously tested to prove their value. He is the brain behind the popular LIFT Model® and Infinity Experimentation Process®, wrote the bestselling book, You Should Test That!, and has spoken at 300+ events globally.

If you need to build your experimentation program or want to see how a consumer giant like Dollar Shave Club overcame obstacles to create a world-class program, this webinar is for you!