Culture of experimentation: How organizational culture can make or break your testing program

On Demand Webinar - Featuring: Beth Foster & Chris Goward

Why do some experimentation programs and teams struggle to gain momentum, while others flourish?

Some might say it’s the expertise, the tools, the resources, or a multitude of other factors. But, the key difference between these teams is culture.

Beth Foster, the leader of the Microsoft Digital Stores Experimentation team, has seen many different approaches to experimentation. Through it all, it’s clear that the organizational culture plays a major role in the program’s success.

Watch on demand as Beth Foster and Chris Goward, customer experience and experimentation pioneer, share and discuss the key elements to building a culture of experimentation. You’ll learn:

  • What has worked at Microsoft to gain leadership buy-in.
  • How Microsoft uses testing to validate and align organizational goals.
  • How to inspire enthusiasm and ensure experimentation isn’t overlooked.
  • How you can apply these strategies to your organization.


Featured experts

Beth Foster, Principal Program Manager, Experimentation, Microsoft |  @Beth Foster
Beth leads the Microsoft Digital Stores Experimentation group. Her team designs and develops experimentation and personalization strategies that deliver key insights to the Microsoft Stores business, and cultivates experimentation culture across Microsoft. She’s been running a dedicated experimentation team since 2015, and prior to that managed large scale marketing and support websites for the Windows business.

Chris Goward, Founder & CEO, Widerfunnel |  @Chris Goward
When companies like Envoy, HP Instant Ink, Microsoft, The Motley Fool and Dollar Shave Club want to improve their growth, they call Chris Goward. Chris founded Widerfunnel with the belief that great customer experiences should be continuously tested to prove their value. He is the brain behind the popular LIFT Model® and Infinity Experimentation Process®, wrote the bestselling book, You Should Test That!, and has spoken at 300+ events globally.