“In the end, we are what we do to change who we are.” — Eduardo Galeano

Wilfredo Contreras

Senior Data Analyst

As a Senior Data and Business Analyst at WiderFunnel, Wilfredo Contreras is our resident expert in data analysis, data-driven policy, and trade/economic data. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Grinnell College and a Master of Arts degree in Analytic Philosophy from Simon Fraser University. In 2007, he spent the summer in Buenos Aires, researching trade policy in Latin America and he has worked with Latin American multinational companies such as Grupo Rica and Grupo Familia. Hailing from the Dominican Republic, Wilfredo is a native Spanish speaker. He also speaks Mandarin, having studied the language in Taiwan for one year. He is passionate about salsa dancing, and has even studied Tango and Capoeira in Argentina.

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