Our Experts

From strategists to designers, developers to copywriters, our team is filled with experts. We know business growth and experimentation backwards and forwards.

Chie Hirate

UI/UX Designer

Todd Baylis

Web Developer


We love the culture here so much, we decided to co-create a set of guiding principles we live by. This is a list of the most important things to us that help us make decisions every day.

Grit. We don’t quit until we find an answer.
Real. We seek and share truth with courage.
Integrity. We do what’s best for our clients.
Maverick. We dare to test new ideas.
Curiosity. We learn and improve always.

If these values feel right to you too, you should check out our open positions.

GO Group Digital Leaders

Using its global network and backed by the power of experimentation, the GO Group is an international experimentation consultancy. Comprised of the world’s best experimentation experts and equipped with the world’s largest database of experimentation tests, the GO Group drives digital transformation for international companies seeking powerful growth. Learn more about GO Group Digital.