Accelerate and scale your experimentation program

Organizations that are prioritizing experimentation are growing faster than anybody else and are winning in the marketplace.

According to Forrester, organizations that continuously seek and validate business insights are growing at an average of over 27% annually. Compare that to annual GDP growth of just 3.5%.

How does your organization stack up?

To be a true insights-driven business, you must develop a mature experimentation program. A highly sophisticated Experimentation Operating System (EOS) that generates an unending stream of insights and growth.

At WiderFunnel, we have developed an industry-recognized model for assessing the maturity of your organization’s experimentation program. This model is based on original industry-research and over 12 years of experience running thousands of experiments across industries.

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As your experimentation program matures, it goes through five distinct phases:

  1. Initiating: Just getting started with experimentation
  2. Building: Laying a standardized infrastructure for experimentation
  3. Collaborating: Expanding experimentation and collaboration across teams
  4. Scaling: Experimentation is a core strategy and aligns with business goals
  5. Driving: Experimentation is the growth and product strategy

You can use the proprietary assessment above to gauge experimentation maturity at your organization. The results of this assessment can then inform an integrated strategy to build and scale your Experimentation Operating System.

Developing your Experimentation Operating System

Many organizations silo testing efforts – viewing “experimentation” as quick usability tests on a website to improve a conversion rate. But the most successful organizations in the world, like Amazon, Netflix, Google, Facebook, and more view experimentation as a business management strategy.

Scott Cook, Co-Founder of Intuit said,

The bigger the business decision, the more important it is to test it first.

Experimentation is not simply a way to increase conversions; it is an organization’s most effective insurance plan. Organizations that use experiment-led decision making are committed to testing an idea before investing in it, which allows them to constantly innovate and avoid costly mistakes.

A sophisticated Experimentation Operating System can only be achieved as an organization reaches peak experimentation maturity.

A mature organization has documented, unified, disseminated, and partly automated process around experimentation. It aligns experimentation goals with overall business goals, assigning metrics to track experimentation program health as well as individual team success. It holds experimentation accountable.

Mature organizations also have a culture of experimentation, which means that everyone from executives at the highest level to specialized individual contributors is bought into the concept of “testing and learning”. These organizations also have experts in-house as well as expert partners who have the skills necessary to run rigorous, scientifically sound experiments.

And, finally, mature experimentation organizations have an integrated, frictionless technology stack.

These are the five pillars of Widerfunnel’s PACET framework, foundational to an effective Experimentation Operating System. They are:
1. Process – The way people coordinate their efforts
2. Accountability – How the program is held accountable
3. Culture – Shared beliefs that support program principles
4. Expertise – The right talent and experience capacity
5. Technology – Tools that enable experimentation at scale

Every company has a constraint that reduces your insight velocity. To increase your program effectiveness, you should focus on widening each step to continuously gain more customer insights.

MarTech program constraints and improvements

Is your organization set up to own experimentation and lead in your field?

From overcoming the inertia of launching a first experiment, to embedding proven frameworks and processes into the cultural fabric of your organization, we know how to drive business momentum through experimentation.

WiderFunnel experts have an unparalleled understanding of testing and dedicated resources to expand and enhance your in-house testing program.

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