Free CRO resources package

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Here is how to build the business case for conversion optimization! Simply fill in the form to your right and get these sweet CRO resources:

White paper: Five steps to developing a successful and scalable conversion optimization strategy

Implementing a conversion optimization approach to a lead-generation or ecommerce website can improve the business value of the website. This white paper provides the framework for developing the business case as well as an approach to optimizing the conversion rate on websites.

Conversion optimization agency checklist

Unsure of how to evaluate different conversion optimization agencies? Here is a super handy 10-point checklist to use when comparing different agencies (including web designers!) to make sure you get the best fit and the highest conversion rate lift!

Lead generation impact calculator

Tasked with generating leads for sales to follow up and close? This handy lead-gen ROI calculator will show you the upside of increasing your lead generation conversion rate on your site. (It includes a calculator for follow-up offline sales conversion)

Ecommerce impact calculator

Responsible for ecommerce revenues? This ROI calculator will help you determine the impact on revenues from conversion optimization lift.

Ecommerce and margin impact calculator

Need to show your CFO the impact of conversion optimization on ecommerce margins? This ROI calculator will show the scenarios possible through conversion optimization lift.

Freemium worksheet impact calculator

Does your business model call for “free” sales as a first step? This ROI calculator will show you impact that conversion optimization will have both on your free customer base as well as a calculator for follow-up online sales conversions.

Subscriptions impact calculator

Need to grow your subscriber database? This ROI calculator will show you impact that conversion optimization will have on your subscriber base.

LIFT Model poster

The poster of “that airplane diagram” – tremendously useful when evaluating your own web pages to create hypotheses that will give you breakthrough conversion rate results!