Conversion optimization is a hot marketing strategy for video game developers (with a new case study)

4 min. read | Last updated: June 3rd, 2016

Industry Feature: Video Game Developers

Today I’ll highlight one of the many industries that are benefiting from a conversion optimization strategy. This week, we’ll look at how video game makers are using conversion optimization. If you know of any video game marketers, please pass this post along for them.

Video game developers operate in a fast-paced and notoriously fickle competitive environment. Today’s hot game is tomorrow’s has-been—Draw Something, anyone?

On the other hand, game publishers that can develop long-term, repeat hits are rewarded year after year. Their game franchises become the envy of the industry.

The leading video game companies use every competitive advantage they can to gain more players and maximize player revenue. The most successful game marketers use insights from a conversion optimization strategy to get the best results.

Industry leader, Electronic Arts, uses Conversion Optimization

What do you do when you already have one of your industry’s strongest brands, a hot product, an exciting new version launch, and a huge list of followers to market to? Conversion Optimization to get more, faster, of course!

Electronic Arts knows every new gamer is valuable and doesn’t stop at simply leading their market. WiderFunnel has worked with many of their game teams to create optimized conversion funnels and generate marketing knowledge.

For example, EA’s The Sims 3 team doubled game registrations by optimizing the in-game experience with A/B/n testing.
EA The Sims 3 A/B/n Test

That testing revealed powerful insights about the types of offers that are most effective for their target audience. Those insights changed the direction of their marketing group. It also showed how even one of the best-selling computer game franchises in history can still be improved!

Optimizing Multi-step Paths with Split Path Testing

In another example, WiderFunnel just published a new case study with the EA Sports group. They agreed to allow us to share how WiderFunnel tested a multi-step signup path for a new game launch. The improvement to their signup path helped deliver more new player signups to reach their player-growth goal.

Check out this new EA Sports case study:

How testing a redesigned online registration sign-up flow delivers more game registrations and gamer insights.

Or, download the case study pdf here.

And EA is not the only one.

Landing Page Optimization for Video Game Maker

Another gaming company, N3V Games in Australia, used WiderFunnel’s conversion optimization system to get an 18% lift in sales from their landing page testing.

N3V Game Developer Landing Page Optimization Lifts Sales

They faced a different situation than the EA teams. As a close-knit company, they needed new ideas to ensure they avoid the dangers of groupthink. They also didn’t have access to strategy teams with experience planning conversion optimization tests.

Their case study shows how a test at the top of the funnel, their main product landing page, gave a strong lift in sales. They’re now set up to profit even more in their prime selling season.

WiderFunnel has also tested with other high-profile game makers who would rather not be mentioned here. But, their results are just as awesome. How would you feel about a 54% increase in new player signups from your landing page?
Game Developer Landing Page Optimization

How do Video Game Makers Use Conversion Optimization?

While most marketers become initially interested in conversion optimization when they hear of landing page optimization results, they stay with the strategy for many more reasons.

Signup Path Optimization

Even if your landing page has intrigued your potential gamer to start playing, your job isn’t done yet. Every step in the funnel, from landing page to game-play, presents barriers. Game makers like EA that test the signup path can identify and remove those barriers to find the best-performing signup configuration.

Value Proposition Optimization

Landing Page Optimization can tell you more than simply to answer, “Which page works better?” By testing with a strategic testing process, and aiming for marketing insights, you can find out which triggers persuade and motivate your prospects. With a series of carefully planned tests, game developers can find out the featuers, images, messages and offers that maximize player acquisition. This research builds a knowledge base asset with long-term value to the franchise.

Minimizing Landing Page Risk

Gamer developers know that designing their landing pages is risky. Those pages can be their most important single step in their marketing funnel. Landing pages typically get far less attention and budget than they deserve. By testing what really works, you avoid the traditional HiPPO (Highest Paid Person’s Opinion) and Black Turtleneck (you know, the guy with the sunglasses in the boardroom) approaches and, instead, make decisions using the scientific method.

Monetization Optimization

Once the game marketer has a large and growing player base, their focus often shifts to maximizing their monetization. As The Sims 3 team discovered, there’s a lot of potential for gaining game registrations, as well as upgrades, renewals, add-on sales, subscriptions, cross-sells, etc.

Gameplay Optimization

Conversion Optimization can often even be accomplished within the gameplay experience! Any game with internet access and javascript capability can test experiences to generate more revenue and improve the player experience.

Landing Page Optimization

Of course, we don’t want to forget the ever-popular landing page optimization. The top end of the funnel can produce huge results and insights.

If you’re not optimizing with A/B/n testing yet…


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