CaseCamp Vancouver 3 Recap

2 min. read | Last updated: May 29th, 2015

We had a good, although short, CaseCamp in Vancouver last night.

Thao Ngo showed an example of a client that used Marqui‘s built-in Google Website Optimizer function to attempt to improve a campaign landing page. It didn’t achieve statistical significance but a good effort nevertheless. The show of hands asking how many had heard of Website Optimizer was encouraging. I think we’re starting to get the word out to the marketing community.

Rochelle presented Donat’s work as part of Virtual Lower East Side. Thankfully she clarified that it was based on New York’s artsy Lower East Side, and not Vancouver’s heroine-addicted Lower East Side, which would have been a much different experience.

Alan from Smak showed shots of a very cool internal marketing project they ran for Future Shop last year for the company’s top performers. I told Claire Lamont (the other partner in the company) that I’m sure they have the funnest (most fun?) jobs in the city. I’d be jealous, if I wasn’t such a Conversion Rate Optimization addict (I know, how geeky can I be?!)

I showed a case study of a recent Conversion Funnel Optimization experiment we did for Safe Software that delivered 270% Conversion Rate increase through the funnel. That’s why I love what I do! With only 8 minutes to present, I didn’t give it justice, but if you want more you can read the case study here.

Thanks Cinci for organizing the event and to Scribblewiki for sponsoring. And, kudos to Miss604 who liveblogged the whole event and managed to stay awake through all the conversion rate numbers flying at her.

Also, I should mention that I tried to meet as many of you as I could and was particularly trying to connect with the web designers in the room. WiderFunnel is always looking for web design talent (particularly now when we have open job postings) so please send us an email if you’ve got a competitive attitude and great design skills.


Chris Goward

Founder & CEO

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