Saint Jude Retreats WiderFunnel Case Study
Business Consumer Marketing services
Sector Healthcare, addiction recovery
Optimized Conversion Telephone inquiries
Test A/B/n test on paid search landing page
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Relying on over twenty years of research, the Saint Jude Retreat House has developed the first and only true choice-based program for treating drug and alcohol addiction. Operating three research-based residential facilities, Saint Jude’s is a recognized leader and is redefining the drug treatment industry.

The Saint Jude Retreat House’s unique social/educational curriculum has the only independently verified success rate in the country, enabling the company to confidently guarantee long-term sobriety.


Website traffic generation is one of the key marketing tactics employed by the Saint Jude Retreat House. The marketing team successfully brings targeted visitors to its website via Google AdWords campaigns and through ongoing search engine optimization (SEO) to ensure that Saint Jude’s ranks high on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Despite this traffic-generation success, the team was having difficulty convincing incoming website visitors to take action and contact the Saint Jude Retreat House. The site’s bounce rate – the measurement of visitors viewing only one page and then leaving the website – was high and the Saint Jude team needed to reverse the trend.

The Saint Jude Retreat House website promoted two calls-to-action: a telephone call and an online form fill. Since a telephone inquiry was more likely to convert into a sale, they decided to optimize their paid search landing page for telephone call conversions.


Motivating substance abusers and their loved ones to pick up the telephone and get help is not a simple task. Strong conversion barriers such as confidentiality concerns, perceived high cost, shame and skepticism all had to be addressed without adding confusing content to the page.

The Saint Jude Retreat House understood their audience’s needs but didn’t have the know-how to translate that understanding to persuasive website content and therefore raise their conversion rates. They required a conversion optimization services company that could quickly understand their business challenges and execute a testing strategy.


The Saint Jude Retreat House worked with WiderFunnel Marketing Optimization, a well-established full-service conversion optimization company, to plan, develop and execute a landing page optimization strategy to lift telephone call conversions on their paid search landing page.

Using a visitor-centric approach to optimizing conversion funnels, WiderFunnel performed a thorough analysis of the existing Saint Jude Retreat House landing page to identify testing opportunities. Using the WiderFunnel LIFT Model™ (Landing page Influence Function for Test), WiderFunnel evaluated the landing page along 6 key dimensions:

  1. Value Proposition
  2. Urgency
  3. Relevance
  4. Clarity
  5. Anxiety
  6. Distraction

Based on their findings, WiderFunnel recommended an A/B/n testing strategy to quickly generate uplift in conversions. The company narrowed the testing options to three variations of the paid search landing page, all of which were based on an ‘emotive’ theme and used imagery depicting real clients and real counselors.

By using Google Website Optimizer (GWO) as the testing tool, all visitors to the paid search landing page were randomly driven to either one of the variations or the original (Control) landing page. In order to accurately measure the telephone call conversion rate of each landing page being tested, WiderFunnel engaged with ifbyphone, a telephony technology service company to assign a unique telephone number to each one and carried the same number throughout the rest of the website. And to keep track of returning visitors, the same telephone number was presented to them every time they visited the Saint Jude Retreat House website.


The top-performing landing page design delivered a 42% uplift in telephone call conversions over the original, also called the ‘Control’ landing page design (see Fig.1 and Fig. 2 below).

StJude Control

Fig. 1: Original (Control) Landing Page
StJude Variation

Fig. 2: Winning Test Page
42% uplift in conversions!

Using their LIFT Model, WiderFunnel was able to zero-in on improvement opportunities and develop strong testing hypotheses. WiderFunnel’s comprehensive approach to conversion optimization enabled the Saint Jude Retreat House to dramatically improve visitor engagement and telephone inquiries.