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Sytropin, an eCommerce nutritional supplement, realizes a 50% sales conversion rate lift

Last updated: June 11, 2013

Sytropin Case Study
Website: www.sytropin.com
Case study: Sytropin Case Study PDF

The Ecommerce Client: Sytropin

Sytropin is a high-grade human growth hormone (HGH) supplement available without a prescription. An alternative to costly injections dispensed at doctors’ offices, Sytropin oral spray brings HGH within reach of most budgets.

Individuals concerned about lack of vitality and energy, athletic performance, and aging are typical users of HGH. Sytropin is a product of Speedwinds Nutrition, a Portland, OR-based business focused exclusively on developing top quality nutritional supplements.

The Business Need

Sytropin customer traffic comes from a mix of paid, organic and referral demand-creation strategies.

While a significant percentage of website visitors came from paid search campaigns, Sytropin management was concerned about the low sales conversion rate of these visitors.

In the Sytropin management team’s view, achieving sales targets by increasing the search marketing budget to boost the amount of traffic reaching the website was not only costly but unnecessary. The Sytropin team felt that getting more paying customers out of the same number of site visitors by increasing the purchase conversion rate was a more cost-effective solution.

To increase the site’s purchase conversion rate, the Sytropin team had already reworked its landing page and conducted extensive testing – both A/B and multivariate. Visitor-to-buyer conversions had increased but Sytropin had reached a ‘conversion rate plateau’ and needed help.

The Conversion Optimization Challenges

As an Ecommerce site of a single product, Sytropin.com had a number of conversion optimization challenges to tackle, including:

  • Driving enough traffic to its landing page to reach statistically significant test results in a timely manner
  • Limited opportunities to cross-sell or up-sell
  • Generally high visitor anxiety towards the product category

Sytropin management recognized the need for an external conversion optimization specialist that could confidently develop a robust testing strategy to convert more paid search visitors into customers and, ultimately, provide a better return on their current advertising investment.

The Conversion Optimization Solution

Sytropin management engaged WiderFunnel Marketing Optimization, a well established full-service conversion optimization company, to plan, develop and execute a landing page optimization strategy to lift purchase conversions on the Sytropin paid search landing page.

Having delivered conversion rate improvements to clients from a broad spectrum of industries, WiderFunnel took the guesswork out of the project and used their tried-and-true Kaizen Method™ for optimizing the Sytropin conversion funnel.

Although the Sytropin landing page had been the subject of multiple tests in the past, WiderFunnel recommended an A/B testing program as a starting point to set an improved baseline for further refinement.

WiderFunnel handled the conversion optimization project in its entirety. The team developed a complete test plan – including hypotheses, wireframes, graphic design, copy and development – and executed the test using Google Website Optimizer as the testing platform.

WiderFunnel narrowed down the testing opportunities to two variations of the existing landing page:

  • Variation A: ‘Emotive’ theme with aspirational imagery and copy
  • Variation B: ‘Medical’ theme with a product-focused approach

The Results: Ecommerce Conversion Rate LIFT of 50%!

The top-performing design, the ‘Emotive’ theme, delivered a 50% uplift in purchase conversions over the original, also called the ‘Control’ landing page (see Fig.1 and Fig. 2 below). That means 50% more ecommerce retail sales for the same amount of traffic.

For Sytropin, an aspiration-based theme proved to be highly effective at increasing website visitor engagement and at turning more browsers into paying customers.

This theme includes benefit-oriented copy, images reflecting the target market engaged in aspirational activities, and a large call to action button placed visibly above the fold.

Fig. 1: Original (Control) Landing Page

Fig. 2: Winning Test Page – 50% uplift in conversions!

Although single-product Ecommerce websites such as Sytropin’s present unique challenges for increasing conversions, an experienced conversion optimization specialist can draw on insights from many previously-conducted tests to develop a strategy guaranteed to succeed.

The Ecommerce Business Manager Says:

“We’re impressed with your work. We were very skeptical that the changes the WiderFunnel strategist proposed would make a difference but you proved us wrong! We’re now integrating your ideas on all our other landing pages.”

– Luis Monge
Marketing Manager
Speedwinds Nutrition, Inc.

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